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Close to Avallon and only 2h30 from Paris, ideally situated to explore Vézelay and the surrounding area, the Château de Vauban welcomes you for private family or professional reunions, in a lush, rolling landscape. The ideal location to give your event a unique cachet and many unforgettable moments !

  • Weddings
  • Communions
  • Baptisms
  • Business meals
  • Business lunch
  • Cocktails
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  • Concerts
  • Cultural events
  • Conferences
  • Various exhibitions
  • Seminars
  • Wine Tastings
  • Horseback riding
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This unique and welcoming location, within its sumptuous setting, lends itself easily to a variety of important occasions. The adjoining Chateau Gardens bursting with seasonal blooms, and historic estate buildings also provide an ideal backdrop to create your own snapshots filled with originality and romance.

The charming owner, Madeleine Ay de la Brosse with her many years experience in event organization, will be delighted to patiently assist and advise you in all aspects of your event organization….

…. So that this day will remain a special moment for all your guests.

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Château de Vauban
  • weddings - communions - baptisms
  • Business meals or lunch
  • cocktails or lunchs - concerts
  • cultural events

  • conferences - various exhibitions
  • seminars - wine tastings
  • horseback riding - car rally
  • family reunions - visit